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Smooth Talker AAC is a powerful yet easy to use AAC app that allows a series of messages to be recorded and played back by one or two users in many different ways. Based on the Smooth Talker hardware product, it is ideal for teachers, SLTs, OTs, parents and anybody involved in language development.

Smooth Talker AAC App

One or two buttons are shown on-screen and may be round or square. Buttons can be made to change colour from one message to the next and each button can be replaced with a photo on a message by message basis (direct from the iPad camera or from the gallery). You can also add text to any button or photo.


There are seven highly innovative playback modes including the hugely popular Conversation mode- a real boon for conversational development:


Sequential Playback

Plays the messages back in sequence, beginning with the first to be recorded. Wraps back to message 1 once all have been played.


Random Playback

Selects the next message at random from the ones recorded. For example, record the numbers ‘one’ to ‘six’ and the app becomes a speaking dice. Or record the sound of farmyard animals and use it in a ‘match the sound to the animal’ game.


Random (No Repeats)

Similar to Random Playback but doesn’t repeat any message and doesn’t leave any out. This mode is great for classroom activities. For example- record the names of a group of children and then use it to select whose go it is next in a game. Everybody gets one go and nobody gets left out. What could be fairer!


Choice Mode

This is a two-button mode. Button number 1 is assigned to message 1 and button number 2 to message 2, allowing the user to exercise a choice. Any additional recorded messages are ignored. For example, record ‘Yes’ and’ No’.


Conversation Playback

This is a two-button mode. Very powerful feature allows a conversation to take place between two users in strict back-andforth order no matter how the buttons are tapped. Very useful in teaching turn-taking and the art of conversation. Many users purchase Smooth Talker and Smooth Talker AAC app just for Conversation mode- it’s unique!


Auditory Prompt

This is a two-button mode. Use button 2 to skip through the messages at reduced volume to find the correct response and then use button 1 to play the message in full. Allows a teacher or OT to ‘cue-up’ a message.



Allows the Pretorian Kinetic for iPad product to play messages depending on the orientation of Kinetic. For example, record six messages to correspond with photos inserted on each face of a soft play cube into which Kinetic is inserted. See the Kinesthetic Learning section of this brochure for more details.


Note that any button can be replaced with a Bluetooth switch device such as the Pretorian APPlicator or iSwitch for increased accessibility. This app is also fully accessible via iOS Switch Control.


This app is chargeable, although educational institutions can benefit from a 50% discount program with purchasing 20 or more licences through the Apple Volume Purchase Program.

Download the Smooth Talker AAC App:

Smooth Talker AAC App

To purchase the app, please visit the App store and search for Smooth Talker AAC or click / Scan here

iTunes App Store

Download the Pretorian Smooth Talker AAC App


  • Seven innovative modes to allow you to get the most from the recorded messages
  • Button colour can be selected or replaced with a photograph
  • Text can be overlaid on buttons.
  • No language restrictions- you record the message!
  • No limitations on vocabulary imposed by libraries
  • Unlimited number and length of messages
  • Switch adapted, allowing it to be used with Bluetooth switch access devices
  • Fully compatible with iOS Switch Control


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