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EnvirON Wireless Switch 75 PRE-2-ENS75
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The EnvirON 75mm wireless switches form a valuable part of the EnvirON range, particularly for users with learning difficulties. They can be used to control any appliance, whether infra-red or mains powered, when used with the other products within the EnvirON range.

For example, if a single wireless switch is paired with EnvirON Hub, it can be made to send an infra-red code to the TV to change the channel. Because Hub can also record multiple key presses in its macro codes, a single switch could be programmed to send channel number 136, for example. The wireless switches do not suffer from the directional behaviour of infra-red (IR) based systems, allowing the user the freedom to place them in any position and at any angle to achieve the most comfortable and practical configuration.

Alternatively, a wireless switch may be paired with an iClick to allow it to control a mains-powered device. Or it could be paired with an EnvirON Connect to allow it to control a door, window or curtain opener, or perhaps an electrical lock.

EnvirON Wireless Switches are available in two sizes- 75mm (3”) and 125mm (5”) and in red, yellow, green or blue. The 125mm version of the switch also has industry standard fixing holes to allow it to be mounted.

EnvirON Wireless Switch 75 Size Comparison

Note that although the EnvirON Wireless Switches are similar in appearance to the SimplyWorks Switches, they do differ. However, EnvirON Switches are backwardly compatible with SimplyWorks.

Click Here to learn more about the extensive possibilities with the EnvirON range and example configurations.


  • Available in four colours (red, yellow, blue, green).
  • Low-profile.
  • Switch top cannot be removed by user - prevents distraction (coloured tops can be changed only with tools).
  • 75mm operating area.
  • Low operating force.
  • 10 metre operating range.
  • Automatic power saving mode - no on/off switch
  • Long battery life.

Used For

  • Controlling any EnvirON output device, such as a mains appliance plugged into iClick or controlling an infra-red appliance such as a TV or music system via EnvirON Hub.


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